Advice to travellers

Following the serious incident that occurred in September, the political situation in Lesotho is volatile and one should exercise vigilance and caution.

Here are some recommendations :

- Avoid going out after dark
- Do not travel with valuables
- Travel with someone who knows the country,
- Do not take local buses and taxis,
- Do not pick up hitchhikers,
- Do not travel at night in rural areas,
- Keep away from any demonstrations or large crowds,
- In Maseru, be careful after sunset : do not to walk, be sure to drive with your car doors locked, be vigilant at any vehicle stops and do not park in dimly lit areas. On the road, it is recommended not to stop in remote parking areas, especially those equipped with panoramic views, where several tourists were victims of assault and robbery.

As in any mountain area, the weather can change quickly and disrupt travel. Thunderstorms are very dangerous and lightning has caused casualties each year during the summer.

publie le 13/10/2014

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