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On July 15th and 16th 2014, the Agribusiness Africa conference offered an opportunity to meet with role-players in the agri-business sector and learn from the experts on how to enhance food security through commercial agricultural practices on the African continent.

Agri Business Africa 2014
Agri Business Africa 2014

On this occasion, Ambassador Barbier was asked to talk about political and economic relations between France and South Africa in the agriculture and agri-food sectors. She took the opportunity to enhance the growing interest among French agro business for the South African market and to mention the SIMA – International Agri-Business Show in Paris, a show case of innovation in agriculture that will take place from 22 to 26 February 2015 in Paris.

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  • Agriculture and the agrifood industries is a key sector in France, France being the first agricultural country in Europe.
  • At international level France is advocating for a better inclusion of agriculture and food security issues on the development agenda of the G20, because agriculture, especially in Africa, plays a critical role in the fight against poverty and inequality and for managing natural resources in a sustainable and effective manner.
  • At political level, the relation between France and South Africa in the agriculture sector has reached a new stage in 2013 during the state visit of the French President François Hollande in South Africa with the signature of a declaration of intent between the French ministry of agriculture, agrofood and forestry and the South African Departement of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for cooperation within the context of the G20 Action Plan on Food Price Volatility and Agriculture.

    A concrete achievement of this agreement will be the creation of a French South African Agricultural Institute: FSAGRI. This training and research programme in agriculture, initiated by the South African and French governments, aims at contributing to address the food security and rural development issues in South Africa. Master and PhD courses are scheduled to start in January 2015.
  • At economic level our relations with South Africa in the agriculture and agri-food sectors have been growing in the past years :
    • In 2013 French exports to South Africa represent:
      • 130 Millions EUR for the agriculture and agri-food sectors (+ 4% compare to 2012)
      • 11 % of the French exports to SA
      • Key exports: wine and spirits (26%), dairy (20%), food products (16%) and feed (8%)
      • France is the 14th supplier of South Africa and the 5th among EU countries
      • In addition the agro-equipment and chemical exports represent 71 Millions EUR
    • French imports from South Africa represent:
      • 197 Millions EUR (+27% compare to 2012)
      • Key imports: fruits (115 Mio EUR) and beverage (46 Mio EUR)
      • France is the 12th client of South Africa

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