Booklet "Living in France" [fr]


Each year, France receives over 100,000 foreign nationals of third countries of the European Union from all over the world who wish to settle permanently in France.

France is a nation with thousands of years of history and a highly rich culture. France is synonymous with fundamental values to which the French are very attached.

This booklet is intended for people who want to obtain a residence permit that will enable them to live permanently in France and sign a Republican Integration Contract.

This document, developed by the Ministry of the Interior is just the first step of the integration process. It helps you to have a better understanding of how French society, which is founded on republican values, functions and is organised. In particular, it describes the formalities that need to be completed prior to your departure and the documents required for the procedures that need to be done once you arrive in France.

The booklet also provides useful information about living in France in order to facilitate the integration of all and to share what unites everyone who lives in France, whether they are French or foreigners.

Download the booklet.

publie le 20/12/2016

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