COP21 - Climate Generations Areas [fr]

The climate Generations areas will be open to the general public and those taking part in the international climate negotiations, free of charge, from 1 to 11 December 2015 from 10.30 a.m. to 7 p.m., excluding Sunday, 6 December.

Full security will be ensured in the Climate Generations areas which will be a place for debate and knowledge.

Due to their immediate proximity to the United Nations conference centre, their size (27,000m²), and their design, which was directly inspired by consultations with 117 civil society organizations, the Climate Generations areas are a first in the history of climate conference organization.
A total of 360 French and international civil society organizations will help to bring these areas to life. The public will be able to explore and participate, through 120 stands, around 20 interactive educational exhibitions, almost 400 conferences and more than 60 film screenings.

Since they investigate the commitment of all generations, these areas will be the part of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference site that is open to all. They seek to encourage debate on solutions to climate change.
In keeping with the 600 COP21-labelled projects, the Climate Generations areas are clearly focused on the local and global solutions that are available to all, now and for the future.

Pictures of the Climate Generations Areas:

To know more about the Climate Generations Areas, click here

publie le 01/12/2015

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