Call for applications : DOC2AMU 2017 Thesis Projects

Opening of the second call for applications to Aix-Marseille University’s DOC2AMU doctoral programme !

Early-stage researchers and Master degree holders, you have until April 10th, 2017 to submit your application to undertake a doctoral thesis with the COFUND DOC2AMU programme at Aix-Marseille University (AMU). The programme will allocate 30 3-year contracts within the 3 calls for applications launched until 2018 (one call for applications per year).

Based on principles of interdisciplinarity, intersectorality and international openness, the thesis projects offered within these calls for applications relate to one of six research axes :
- Networks
- Big data
- Globalization
- Nano-health
- Climate change
- Imaging

This year, 24 projects are published in the Call for Candidates :
• Temporal Networks : From Network Theory To Brain Science
• Hydro-economic modelling of the North western Saharan aquifer system
• Multiphase Reactivity Of Polyfunctional Organic Nitrates In The Atmosphere : MULTI-NITRATES
• Imaging Cytoskeletal Filament Organization At The Molecular Scale
• Transformation And Mobility Of Al Nanomaterials In The Environment
• Indicators In Risk Management : A Fresh Perspective Between Hazard Analyses And Societies’ Response
• Tackling The Noninvasive Assessment Of Muscle Energetics And Oxygen Consumption Using A Metamaterial-Based Double-Tuned Radio-Frequency Coil
• In Vivo CARS Microscopy For Biomineralization Study Of Foraminifera
• Functional Spinal Cord Characterization Using Ultra-High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging And Biomechanical Finite Element Modelling (SC UHF/FEM)
• Characterizing Brain Networks In Real Time Across Frequencies Based On A Combination Of Time Frequency And Source Localization Methods
• Language Underpinnings Of Conversational Interpersonal Dynamics (LUCID)
• Laser-Induced Forward Transfer For Modelling Skeletal Muscle Physiopathology
• Neural Mechanisms Underlying The Interlimb Transfer Of Motor Learning
• Cell Mechanics Regulation By Cytoskeleton Dynamics : Combined Atomic Force And Optical Microscopy
• Innovative Optics To Unveil Brain Activity At Unexplored Scales
• Critical Raw Element Bio-Extraction (CELEBEX)
• Reproductive Toxicity Of Combusted Diesel Additive Nanoceria
• New Generation Of Nano High Energy X-Ray Probe For Radiography, Radiotherapy, Instrumentation And Fundamental Physics (X-R2P2)
• Control Of Hybrid Systems Based Heat Pump And Using Renewable Energy
• Imaging Of Bone Diseases In Children Using Ultrasonic Computed Tomography
• Functionalized-Cucurbit[N]Urils : Advanced Drug Carriers
• Quantitative Biology, Immunology, Chemotaxis, Intracellular Signaling Regulation, Protein Printing
• Hypersecretion In Severe Airway Diseases : An Integrated Biophysical Approach Of The Mucociliary Aspect Of The Bronchial Epithelium
• Digital Printing Of Organic Solar Cells Using Non Fullerene Acceptors

Find all the useful information about the programme and the thesis projects you can apply to directly on the website :

You can also ask your questions to the DOC2AMU programme management team from this website.

DOC2AMU is a doctoral programme funded by the PACA Regional Council and the European Commission in the framework of H2020 COFUND Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions, GA No. 713750, with financial support from the A * MIDEX Foundation.

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