Coronavirus: Update Lesotho

French people living in LESOTHO are invited toq avoid international travel as much as possible and to limit their movements for the next 30 days.

Europe’s borders will be closed for the next 30 days.

All trips between non-European countries and the EU and the Schengen zone will be suspended for 30 days.

Non-French nationals who have no compelling reason to travel to Europe and France will be refused entry. This does not apply to those who live in France and have a residence permit.

Nationals from EU countries, Switzerland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Sweden will be allowed to transit through France.

French nationals on holiday will be able to return to France and those living abroad have been advised to contact local embassies and consulates.

Telephonic response units have been established at the Consulate General in Johannesburg: 0027 (0) 11 778 5600 and in Cape Town 0027 (0) 21 488 5090 + emergency telephones 0027 (0) 82 467 25 88 (Johannesburg) and 0027 (0) 83 601 61 91 (Pretoria).

The French government has also set up a coronavirus page:

publie le 17/03/2020

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