Dr Mamphela Ramphele receives the medal of Officer in the order of the Legion of Honour

29 February 2012

On the evening of 28 February 2012 Ambassador Jacques Lapouge was honoured to host Dr Mamphela Ramphele along with her closest friends, family and associates at the official Cape Town residence of the French Embassy in South Africa in order to bestow on her the medal of Officer in the order of the Legion of Honour.

The National Order of the Legion of Honour is the highest French distinction. It is a strong symbol of the spirit of the French Revolution, aimed at replacing the privilege of birth with the recognition of merit. The Legion of Honour recognises men and women from all walks of life, from France and from all over the world, who are seen to embody ideals and universal values such as freedom and equality.

Dr Mamphela Ramphele looks on as Ambassador Lapouge speaks at the reception

At the gala reception on Tuesday evening Ambassador Lapouge was keen to highlight the personal story of Dr Ramphele, which highlights her strong personal commitment to freedom and equality and single her out as one of the significant role players in South Africa’s struggle history. Speaking to the reception before bestowing the medal, Ambassador Lapouge praised Dr Ramphele for her lifelong commitment to the poor.

The full text from Ambassador Lapouge’s speech is available here.

Read an interview with Dr Ramphele on the Business Day website here.

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