ERAfrica : More than €10 Million envisioned for Europe-Africa collaboration

PRETORIA, 24 JANUARY. The great library of Alexandria (Egypt) hosted the latest consortium meeting of the European Commission-sponsored ERAFRICA project, held on 18 and 19 January 2012 and attended also by a number of non-consortium members, from both Africa and Europe, interested in participating in the project’s eventual funding of joint research projects. In one of the venue’s so-called “floating rooms”, suspended high above the massive main repository and its endless shelves of books, long lines of computer terminals and library patrons coming and going in otherworldly silence, the meeting attendees signalled their support for each of the proposed research topics, selected two months before in Lisbon, eventually to be funded as part of an ERAFRICA joint call for proposals. To general satisfaction each topic attracted not only sufficient interest but also enough of a preliminary financial commitment (in excess of €2 million each) to justify its retention as subject for investment, the final list of themes to be funded consisting of : Renewable Energy, Interfacing Challenges (i.e. research projects concentrating on a combination of two or more global challenges at the interface point between them), and Idea-Driven Research (that is, new ideas in any discipline, particularly marked by innovative thinking). (read...)

publie le 26/01/2012

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