Economic relations between South Africa and France

South Africa: a major economic force

France is South Africa’s 9th largest importer and ranks 16th on the list of South African export destinations. Regarding the establishment of French companies, France is the 9th largest investor in South Africa.

South Africa, as a large emerging market and a BRICS member, represents a major economic force for France. In many key-fields for South Africa’s development (infrastructure, energy, water, environment, transport, telecommunications, tourism), French companies are well-known and appreciated for their experience and know-how. Their potential for growth is high, with the possibility to benefit from the development of Africa’s largets economy.

As a member of the G20, South Africa is an important partner in the international field. France is willing to strenghthen its business relation and to pursue its strategic interests shared with South Africa.

In 2014, South Africa-France trade exchange represented more than 2,8 billion €, with a huge part of it composed of transportation goods. South Africa remains a key partner: even if the country is only France’s 46th destination for export, it was France’s 11th trade surplus in 2014. In 2015, French exports might register a moderate increase regarding the domestic consumption’s sluggishness.

publie le 07/12/2015

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