Ekupholeni’s 20 years of healing [fr]

The Alliance Francaise of Johannesburg is pleased to host the celebration week of Ekupholeni’s 20 years of healing, combining exhibitions, live music, documentary screenings and book reading.


Ekupholeni is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides psychosocial counseling to victims of trauma. Ekupholeni was founded in 1994 to address the needs of a community traumatized by political violence of the 1980s/90s as well as poverty, unemployment, criminal and gender violence, substance abuse, family breakdown, school absenteeism and gang activity.
- More info: www.ekupholeni.org

This celebration week will be taking place at the Alliance Française of Johannesburg between the Thursday 14th August 2014 and the Thursday 21st August.

On August 21st, the presentation of the book "My piece of sky, stories of sexual abuse" and the meeting with its author Mariella Furrer are organised with the support of the Embassy of France in South Africa.
- Visit the dedicated website

- Find more information on the artist exhibiting and the artist performing: http://www.alliance.org.za/Branches/Johannesburg/LiveFrench.aspx


publie le 25/02/2015

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