“Enhancing Social Action”: the Civil Society Development Fund’s workshop

On the 9 and 10 October 2018, the Embassy of France organised in Pretoria a workshop “Enhancing Social Action: Presentation of Evaluation Findings, Networking, Lesson-Sharing and Strategy Development” with the six grant recipients of the Civil Society Development Fund (CSDF): Just Detention International, Lawyers Against Abuse, The Achieve-It! Charitable Trust, Southern African Reconciliation and Development Agency, Valued Citizen Initiatives, and the Wot if? Trust.

This CSDF workshop apprised participants of the initial findings of the external evaluation. It also served as a reflective space, facilitating peer networking, sharing of practical insights and best practices from participant’s respective projects, and allowing for co-creative development of strategies to strengthen current social action.

CSDF support enabled these organisations to implement projects that seek broadly to strengthen democratic governance and social cohesion through the promotion of human rights (particularly those of women, children and LGBTIQ+ persons) and the improvement of local governance, public participation, access to basic services with a focus on the sustainable development of communities, skills development and job creation.

publie le 11/10/2018

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