Exercise Oxide [fr]

France and South Africa share common objectives on the Southern Area of the Indian Ocean.

To enhance co-operation and operational interoperability between the two forces to provide and maintain a maritime presence in this area, French and South African Maritime Forces hold joint maritime exercises.

Collaboration between the French and South-african armies

This collaboration will be illustrated in Septembre 2013 by the exercice OXIDE. It will be conducted in the Mozambique Channel, based out of the Port of Maputo, and will be supported by the South African anti-piracy operation (Operation COPPER). The goal of OXIDE is to have joint operation to strengthen cooperation between the navies of the two countries, develop interoperability between units and staffs to afford to have a collective response in times of crisis, and to ensure the maritime security in the Mozambican Channel.

For this goal, air, surface and submarine exercises will be conducted in the frame of the maritime surveillance and safety in the Mozambique Channel. The Maritime Coordination Rescue Centers of La Reunion and of Cape Town will also participate in.

The exercise schedule:

Phase 1: The first port visit in Maputo from the 30th of August to the 2nd of September to prepare the exercise
Phase 2: Exercises on sea from the 2nd to the 5th of September
Phase 3: The second port visit in Maputo is mainly dedicated to the debriefing from the 5th to the 9th of September

The frigate “Nivôse”

Based in La Réunion, « Le Nivôse » is a surveillance frigate of an overall length of 93.5 meters and breadth of 14 meters, able to displace 2950 tons. The crew is composed of 97 sailors of which 12 officers, 61 petty officers and 21 seamen.

It fulfils a specified range of operational need, patrolling overseas maritime areas under French sovereignty and in the deep sea to protect France’s interests. Equipped with quality equipment including an on-board Eurocopter Panther helicopter, the “Nivôse” has an optimal capacity of detection and an armament allowing consolidating the French presence overseas.

This way the vessel carries out several different tasks such as the surveillance of maritime area, fighting the plague of piracy, port visits and joint maritime exercises such as OXIDE.

The Major-general and commanding officer of the FAZSOI (French Armed Forces in the Southern Area of the Indian Ocean) Jean-François HOGARD and the chief of the SA Navy, Admiral MUDIMU, will be present for the exercise.

publie le 31/03/2014

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