F’SAGRI/Maya Leclercq: workshop on labels and certifications [fr]

The French-South African Institute of Agriculture (F’SAGRI) held a 3-half-day workshop in partnership with researcher Maya Leclercq.

F’SAGRI is a training and research programme in agriculture, initiated by the South African and French governments. It aims to contribute to addressing food security and rural development issues in South Africa, by offering high level degrees in food science and processing, as well as in agribusiness.


In partnership with F’SAGRI, Maya Leclercq offered a 3-half-day workshop in March 2017, initiating students to the social impacts of labels and certifications on South African agri-food products, through the examples of Fair Trade and Geographical Indications. The workshop started with a 3 hours introductive lecture, showing different examples in South Africa.


Day 2 was dedicated to a collective workshop for students, who were invited to work on three proposed case studies: one animal product (Nguni cattle), one vegetal product (indigenous vegetables) and one transformed product (Umqombothi beer).
Students choose one of the case studies and prepared a product sheet, made a list of the research fields to explore and the kind of certifications that could be implemented for the product.
At the end of the workshop, they made an oral presentation to the rest of the class.

Presentation of the lecturer


Maya Leclercq holds a double Master’s degree in Anthropology and Ecology, and a PhD in Social Anthropology. Her research has focused on natural resource management and traditional commodity chains in developing countries. Her PhD focuses on the development of labels and certifications on “produits de terroirs” in Southern Countries, working on the example of the herbal tea rooibos, endemic to the southwest of South Africa (Her PhD was directed by the National Museum of Natural History, the CIRAD and UCT as an affiliated researcher during her fieldwork in South Africa).

She is currently an independent consultant and researcher, affiliated to CLERSE (Centre of Study and Research in Sociology and Economy in Lille – UMR 8019).
She works actively to the diffusion of tools and methodologies of socio-anthropological surveys and on the diffusion of social sciences and their applicability in research (specifically with biological and agronomical sciences) and in enterprises.
Maya has an expert knowledge of qualitative and quantitative data collecting and processing methods that she teaches, along with a strong experience in conducting fieldwork surveys in accordance with the communities concerned.

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