Festival de la Francophonie 2014 [fr]


Every year in March the French cultural network in South Africa and Lesotho celebrates French language and the Francophone cultural diversity.

In 2014, festivities are taking place across the country: concerts, film screenings, food markets, exhibitions, workshops and performances are part of an exciting programme organised for you by the French Institute in South Africa (IFAS) and the network of Alliance Française, from Johannesburg to Cape Town, via Port Elizabeth, Pretoria and Durban.

The programme of events brings together artists and performers from across the French speaking world.

- In Maseru, join the Alliance Française for a "Dinner concert" featuring Della Tamin on March 21st!


The dinner concert will comprise of a 6 man band from Cameroon called Della Tamin, with their Afro salsa style of music, Congolese food, a fashion show auction to raise funds to support local musicians, as well as a drama performance by French artist Phillipe Guinet.

-* The program of the events will also be available on the Alliance Française website: www.alliance.org.za

publie le 12/03/2014

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