France - South Africa Scholarship Programme

Every year the Embassy of France in South Africa awards scholarships to South African students completing their Master’s or PhD degree in France.

In 2020 this programme was continued, despite the challenges of the health crisis, and we were able to expand the initiative in order to support even more South African students in achieving their dream by studying in France!

There are over 1500 programmes taught in English in France. Find the right programme for you and get all the information and advice that you need by visiting the Campus France South Africa.

To boost the cultural immersion and the international student experience, laureates of the scholarship programme now have the opportunity to attend intensive online French lessons before their departure to France. In some cases, laureates are also able to take part in an internship at French companies based in South Africa.

Students are invited to apply online on the dedicated platform: South Africa France Scholarships ( Here, students can also find information about exactly how to apply, the requirements for their scholarship application and the details of what the scholarship programme entails.

Study in France webinars also take place regularly, giving students the opportunity to engage with French universities and to get first-hand information about what studying in France.

Follow CampusFranceZA on social media to get all the details.

For application dates and more information about the scholarship, visit the South Africa France Scholarships website.

Bienvenue en France!

publie le 26/10/2020

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