French chefs Marie Wucher and Cyril Bonnard share their experience of SoChef!

Chef Marie Wucher and Chef Cyril Bonnard, two top chefs from Alsace Region in France, tell us about their experience of SoChef 2016 in South Africa. They also share with us one of their secret recipes!

The pair, who have been working together for nine years, arrived in South Africa at the beginning of October to celebrate French cuisine with people from South Africa and Lesotho. SoChef! (9-22 October 2016) offered an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of French cuisine. (read about SoChef! here.)

The chefs said they really enjoyed working with Basotho and South African people, who, they say, are eager to learn and share with them.

Check out this video about their experience:

Pastry chef Marie Wucher shares one of her favourite recipes with us: the chocolate and banana financier.
The chefs were filmed at Prue Leith Chefs Academy where they prepared a dinner with the students.

Dessert: Chocolate and banana financier


(For 8 pax)
1) Financier banane
240 gr Icing sugar
90 gr Almond powder
90 gr Flour
260 gr Egg whites
130 gr Butter
20 gr Trimoline (Invert sugar syrup)
200 gr Ripe banana

Heat the butter until brown to obtain butter noisette. Strain and add the trimoline.
Mix the icing sugar and almond powder. Add the egg white. Add the butter noisette. Add the flour. Add the crushed banana. Pour in a buttered and floured mould, 200mm in diameter. Bake for 15min at 170°C.

2) Chocolate crémeux
250 gr Milk
250 gr Cream
100 gr Egg yolks
50 gr Sugar
230 gr Dark Chocolate 70%

Heat the milk and cream. Mix the egg yolk and sugar. Mix to a uniform consistency with part of the liquids. Cook until it reaches 82°C. Pour over the chocolate and mix. Keep in a piping bag and rest 6 hours.

3) Chocolat crunch
100 gr Rice Krispies
20 gr Simple syrup
300 gr Milk chocolate

Coat the rice krispies in the syrup and roast at 165°C for 10min.
Mix to a uniform consistency of the chocolate and mix with the roasted rice. Spread between baking sheets.
Keep in a cool place.

4) Dressage
2 bananas
1 lemon (yellow lemon)
Spread a layer of the chocolate cremeux on the financier. Pipe waves of chocolate cremeux on top. Decorate with slices of banana that have been rolled in lemon juice. Add some pieces of chocolate crunch.

Bon appétit!

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