French Naval ships in Cape Town

French ships Dixmude and Georges Leygues arrived in Cape Town on Wednesday 16th May, and will depart on 21st May.

The French Task Group Jeanne d’Arc is composed of the Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) Dixmude and the Anti-Submarine (ASW) Destroyer Georges Leygues, but also a detachment of five helicopters, and three amphibious landing crafts with a total of 650 personnel. During their time in Cape Town, both ships will be berthed in Cape Town’s Eastern Mall port.

As it is the case with every force projection and command ship, Dixmude addresses the need to possess multi-purpose units that can be positioned in order to project power, troops and equipment ashore from the sea while having the ability to execute joint and combined operations. Dixmude is a helicopter carrier, an amphibious assault ship and a control centre, all in one ship. She also has a hospital capability and is suitable for any large-scale humanitarian operations.

You will be able to visit the Dixmude on Sunday, 20 May at 13h50. If you wish to visit it, please send an email to

The name Dixmude comes from the battle of Yser in 1914, where the fusilier marine took refuge in Dixmude, stopped the advance of German troops and allowed the withdrawal of Allied troops.The name Dixmude was previously given to a dirigible airship in 1920 and 1945; and to an escort aircraft carrier during the Indochina conflict.

publie le 17/05/2012

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