French agreement with Johannesburg to improve water delivery

On 31 August the French Development Agency (AFD) and the City of Johannesburg signed an agreement in terms of which Euro 40 million would be placed at the disposal of Johannesburg for the rehabilitation of Soweto’s water system.

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Serge de Beaufort, Antoine Castel (Calyon), Mavela Dlamini (City of Johannesburg), Vincent Rousset (AFD) and Roland Galharague (Embassy of France).
Photographer: Enoch Lehung

This investment would also permit the improvement of services to more than 170 000 households, save 30% water in reducing water loss through the current water system and recover more in water rate payments due to the installation of a water meter system.

Mr Mavela Dlamini, City of Johannesburg representative, underlined the importance that the city attaches to its partnership with France and its expertise at this crucial moment for municipalities. He referred to the need for municipalities to improve the delivery of basic services to those most in need, the reskilling of neighbourhoods and the renewal of infrastructure with the 2010 Soccer World Cup in mind.

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publie le 18/04/2007

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