French at the Silindokuhle pre-school in Joe Slovo township [fr]

In 2015, a Master’s degree student at the University of Nantes, Mrs Sara Papp, was selected to do her training at the NMMU and to lend her support to the development of linguistic activities at the Alliance Française of Port Elizabeth.

As part of her assignment, she decided to share her passion for French at Silindokuhle pre-school in the Joe Slovo Township. Silindokuhle means "We expect the success of our children" in Xhosa.


Mrs. Patricia N Piyani, Principal and founder of the school, is respected by the locals and is very much involved in community life. The school is attended by about 60 to 70 children and is located in a shack in the informal township of Joe Slovo. The children’s mother tongue is Xhosa and they also learn English.

The Alliance Française joined forces with the NGO Love Story with the goal to rehabilitate the crèche.

The Alliance wanted to associate itself with the project as it is in perfect cohesion with the Alliance’s objectives which is the continuation of its green policy and its support of local NGOs. A member of the Alliance Française of Port Elizabeth, assisted by 12 young French architecture graduates, participated in the implementation of this building.


Mrs Papp received a warm welcome from the staff and the children and she started working with the teachers in June.

The purpose of her project is a basic introduction to French language using recycled materials, handcrafting, relying on visual art and learning language through songs. Mrs Papp works closely with the teacher in charge of the class, who is learning French along with the children.

The main goal is to engage the teachers in the workshops and keep French language alive within the walls of the school. In the coming weeks Sara plans to work in close cooperation with other professionals, musicians, teachers and gardeners so that the learning of French can be integrated into a series of school activities.

publie le 15/09/2015

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