French writers to participate in the Franschhoek Literary Festival [fr]


The International Franschhoek Literary Festival is celebrating its 10th edition this year and will take place from May 13th to May 15th 2016. The festival will gather writers and cultural journalists, and will offer 130 events to an ever-increasing audience.

The French Institute of South Africa (IFAS), a festival partner, invites French and South African editors, journalists and authors to meet around crime literature. South Africans Deon Meyer and Michele Rowe attended the Quais du Polar Festival in Lyons in April 2016 to present their latest books to Editions du Seuil and Albin Michel. The journalist and literary advisor Michele Magwood and co-President of the Franschhoek Literary Festival Shelagh Foster also attended the event.

In return, the Franschhoek Literary Festival will host French writer Bernard Minier and French journalist and member of Quais du Polar Frédéric Crouzet.

Bernard Minier is from the South-West of France. His first novel, Glacé, published in 2011, won the Award grand prix du roman during the Cognac Festival. M. Minier won another award at the Cognac Festival in 2015 for his 4th novel Une putain d’histoire.


Frédéric Crouzet has been a print journalist for 20 years. He collaborates actively to the Quais du Polar Festival in Lyons, for which he created the Quais du Polar 20 minutes prize.

Award-winning French crime writer, Olivier Truc, writer of the international bestseller Forty Days Without Shadow (Le dernier Lapon), is currently opening a new creative residency in Wellington, created in collaboration with the French Institute of South Africa, the Breyten Breytenbach Centre and Stellenbosch University. He will attend the Festival as a former member/participant.

Picture credit: Philippe Matsas

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publie le 12/05/2016

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