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Grei, which loosely translates from Portuguese as “a society of people” blends together Chef Candice’s love of unusual pairings, her passion for herbaceous flavours and her signature style of intricately-plated dishes. Appropriately, her menu has the aroma and flavour of the herbs running through it. Dishes feature unusual pairings and natural, succulent flavours. The menu highlights the three key flavours from each dish and conveys a different colour with each course.

The menu is a six-course tasting menu, paired with a combination of international and local wines. There is also be a non-alcoholic pairing option as well as vegetarian- and pescatarian-suited menus.

The chef : Candice Philip

Candice Philip is the Head Chef at Grei which is located at the five-star Saxon Hotel, Villas and Spa.

She is well-respected for her focus and calm demeanour, and highly regarded for her skill and passion. She has the innate ability to conjure up imaginative flavours, making them work within one complete dish.

Chef Candice’s grace and reverence for her craft have seen industry professionals honour her with sought after accolades and Olympic stature.

In 2016, she was honoured with a Design Indaba nomination for Design Indaba’s Most Beautiful Object in South Africa. This was the first for a culinary item in the awards, which seeks to acknowledge creativity and innovation in South Africa. In 2018, Chef Candice was honoured to receive the Eat Out Nederburg Rising Star Award, as well as being named ‘Young Chef’ by the Conde Nast House & Garden SA Gourmet Restaurant Awards.

She describes her approach to cooking as an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ kind of scenario” by putting her own interpretation into dishes.



36 Saxon Road

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