Humanitarian aid to Mozambique

In response to Hurricane Idai, France, through the Center for Crisis and Support (CDCS) of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the French Red Cross’s regional platform for intervention in the Indian Ocean, based in La Réunion (PIROI), and many NGOs and business foundations have mobilized a variety of humanitarian aid.

PIROI sent, with co-financing from the CDCS, 60 tons of humanitarian material (3000 housing reconstruction kits, 6000 tarpaulins, tents, generators, lighting equipment and tools).

In this context, a C-160 Transall transport aircraft of the French Air Force was made available to PIROI to make a first emergency humanitarian cargo flight of 2.4 tons between Reunion Island and Beira on 22 March. The rest of the material has been sent by boat.

The CDCS also sent 65 tons of additional equipment to the European Civil Protection Mechanism by wide-body aircraft: tents and shelters, first aid medical kits, generators, pumps and other emergency equipment. This second shipment is expected to arrive in Beira on Friday 29 March.


The aircraft will also carry water purification units from the Veolia Foundation and Aquassistance (an international solidarity organization for Suez Group employees), electrical equipment from Electriciens Sans Frontières, tents and tarpaulins by Architects Without Borders, SOS Attitude and International Plan, medical kits of the association Tulipe and Doctors of the World, shelter and hygiene kits of Solidarités International, orthopedic material of Humanity and Inclusion and a kit to organize the distribution of the aid of the French Red Cross.

The amphibious helicopter carrier Tonnerre, one of the jewels of the Navy, currently on mission Jeanne d’Arc for the training of student officers, was rerouted in emergency to participate in relief operations.
The ship has recovered another load of humanitarian cargo from the Red Cross in Mayotte, and is heading to Beira. It arrived on March 28, with helicopters, amphibious landing gear to reach isolated areas, semi-rigid boats, earthmoving equipment to clear and rehabilitate the roads, all-terrain trucks to transport humanitarian cargo to disaster-stricken areas, as well as medical and surgical teams for the benefit of the affected people.

For its part, the surveillance frigate Nivôse is also loading humanitarian cargo of the Red Cross (hygiene products, mosquito nets, jerrycans etc ...) and will be heading to Beira to arrive there next Saturday.


The Airbus Foundation offers 20 hours of helicopter for aerial reconnaissance or freight transport. Airbus will also charter a plane that will leave Toulouse this afternoon and will land tomorrow in Maputo with 120 m3, 26 tons of freight to the benefit of the International Red Cross.

The NGO Télécom sans Frontier, which arrived in Beira on 17 March, reestablished communication via internet at Beira airport, thus enabling the operation of relief operations. It also helps mobile operators restore their networks.

The NGO SOS Attitudes, which arrived on March 17, provided 300 tents and 1000 solar lights.

France mobilized € 370,000 for PIROI actions and € 710,000 for the CDCS aircraft. Including the humanitarian cargoes brought by the Tonnerre helicopter carrier and the Nivôse frigate, as well as the various actions of NGOs, the total value of French humanitarian aid is around € 2 million.

The French Embassy in Maputo has been fully mobilized since the beginning and will oversee the reception of this humanitarian aid.

publie le 29/03/2019

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