Inauguration of a new automation lab @F’SASEC

On Friday, 20 April 2018, Counsellor & Head of Cooperation, Véronique Briquet-Laugier, and Industry Counsellor Jean Baptiste Dabezies from the French Embassy were at the French South African Schneider Electric Education Centre (F’SASEC) for the opening of a new training laboratory dedicated to teaching programmable logic controllers (PLC) in Vaal University of Technology (VUT).

Schneider Electric Anglophone Africa cluster President Mr Albert Fuchet and Ms Van der Bank Executive Dean of the Human Sciences Faculty of VUT were also present to celebrate this new laboratory, equipped by state-of-the-art Schneider Electric equipment to enable the skills facilitation and essential exposure of students to the energy industry. The Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce was represented by several people in order to learn about the F’SASEC training level.

F’SASEC started its trainings in 1993 at VUT in the field of both industrial and domestic installations as well as safety and industry wiring with theoretical and practical training as basis. In addition to the technical part, courses include soft skills such as punctuality, storage organization, respecting each other and self-commitment. The enthusiasm of students and lecturers (most of them former students) underlines the benefit of a program including underprivileged youth.

The new automation lab with 24 Schneider Electric PLC M340 latest generation represents a significant milestone and expansion in F’SASEC curriculum and is one more sign of F’SASEC high quality vocational training. The opening of a laboratory in automation with 12 machines available to all F’SASEC students is a real opportunity to unveil the potential of students and the centre in general. It also highlights the success of the cooperation between French government, Schneider Electric and VUT. The French Ministry of Education also played a decisive role in assigning for 8 years Professor Alexandre Sebastiani, who has made an outstanding job to bridge the gap between industry and vocational training in the field of energy.

F’SASEC is the only Schneider Electric training centre in the world to offer French classes to all its students (two hours a week). Since its inception in 2012, F’SASEC has already trained more than 120 students in the field of electricity, renewable energy and automated systems control.

F’SASEC’s success is growing beyond borders: there are now 6 centers in South Africa and 6 new centres will open in Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe, to build an outstanding network for students’ benefits all over Southern Africa.


publie le 23/04/2018

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