Institut Pasteur International Network Scientific Symposium, 29th November – 2nd December 2016

A unique international scientific symposium on biomarkers open to all the scientific community

The symposium is offering a unique opportunity to scientists worldwide, both young and experienced, to showcase their research on any topics related to biomarkers and their application in global and one health issues to a broad international audience in the Institut Pasteur auditorium in the heart of Paris.

Abstract submission are welcome for contribution in the following scientific topics:

  • Biomarker Discovery & Novel Technologies including NGS technology, exon sequencing, omics, single cell technology, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and electronic nose technology, etc…
  • Bioinformatics, Big Data Analysis and modelling for Biomarkers Development
  • Biomarkers of environmental importance, including nutrition
  • Biomarkers in surveillance of human threats and in pathogens discovery
  • Biomarkers in diagnosis and prognosis of disease outcome including point of care diagnostic
  • Biomarkers in predictive and personalized Medicine
  • Biomarkers in host immune response and vaccine discovery including correlates of protection, Surrogate Enpoints, Multiplex immune biomarkers assays, imaging biomarkers in vaccine trials, prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine, etc…
  • Biomarkers in Drug Discovery & in response to treatment including Surrogate Endpoints, Multiplex Biomarker Assays, Imaging Biomarkers in Clinical Trials, Resistance to drugs, Predictive response, Pharmacodynamics, Immunotherapy, etc…

Abstract submission will open on the 15th May and close on the 18th July 2016

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