Inventing Greater Paris Metropolis - call for projects 2016-2017 [fr]

Inventing Greater Paris Metropolis, innovative, sustainable, resilient.


France’s leading metropolis is home to 7 million people, brimming with enterprising drive, and running a call for projects to enhance the quality of city life, i.e. to invent new trailblazing urban areas that will provide models for sustainable, smart cities.

This is the first time that mayors have gathered to kick off smart-city projects at the same time in various parts of the metropolis. This call for projects, in other words, is also a statement about the consistency and identity that are shaping this metropolis. This initiative’s metropolitan scale will attract the most innovative international and local talents, and provide them with opportunities to tender new, down-to-earth answers to the challenges emerging in society, to questions about urban metamorphosis, to today’s pressing environmental issues and to the need to adapt to climate change, in the wake of COP 21.

The mayors throughout this metropolis are contributing sites under their management and will transfer them to the bidders that submit the best projects. These mayors will be members of the jury selecting the winning projects. The list of sites includes extraordinary spots to create new neighbourhoods by the stations alongside the 200-kilometre metro line now under construction around Paris. The bidders will also find one-of-a-kind sites earmarked to become defining landmarks in the Greater Paris Metropolis, in the heart of urban areas, skirting rivers, in bygone-day forts, and in fast-changing industrial areas.

This call for projects is based on an open-innovation approach and will welcome everyone who wants to invent the metropolis of the future, including architects, city planners, developers, investors, startups, non-profits and city-dweller organisations. They will be free to team up as they please and encouraged to come up with surprising, game-changing ideas spanning mixed-use development, architecture, city planning, exemplary environmental initiatives and social innovation They will have opportunities to involve people living in cities and thereby spur their creativity, and to branch into mobility, logistics, digital technology, cultural amenities and sports facilities to enhance their bids. This call for projects welcomes talent from every country.

The juries will review bids in light of a wide range of shared criteria. These criteria will be provided in the consultation rules and include each participating mayor’s specific expectations for his or her site.

Projets are eligible for equity investments under the “Ville de Demain” (city of tomorrow) forward-looking investment programme. The project director’s contact details:, +33 1 85 56 22 12


All the information about the call for innovative urban and economic projects can be found on this website.

publie le 27/10/2016

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