Joint statement on cooperation in transport between the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the Republic of France and the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of South Africa

By the present statement, France and South Africa underline their common will to strengthen their cooperation in the fields of transport. Four domains have been more particularly identified, which could be the object of an agreement.

Air transport

Both Ministers are pleased with the agreement recently concluded between their respective civil aviation administrations, allowing an increase in air traffic between France and South Africa. Since the civil aviation technical agreement of May 2001, signed by the Minister of Transport of South Africa and the Ambassador of France, they note that several actions of cooperation have been successfully conducted especially on the issue of noise in airport zones, flight accidents inquiries and training of technicians by the National School of Civil Aviation.

Both Ministers expressed the wish that this cooperation continues and be strengthened as outlined in the technical agreement.

In this regard, in the area of pilot training, France replied positively to the request of South Africa. A feasibility study for the establishment of a national pilot academy, complying with the current international standards for pilot education and training, and addressing South African needs, was completed and handed over to the South African authorities.

The implementation of the study recommendations could be launched by a joint cooperation if the South African authorities decide the implement the project.

Roads and road safety

Both Ministers agree to intensify exchanges between their administrations regarding concessions and road safety. The organisation of the 23rd International Roads Congress will be held in Paris from 17 to 21 September 2007, which will allow further meetings and discussions between French and South African experts.

Public transport

Both Ministers have mentioned South African needs and projects relating to public transport. France is willing to share its experience with South Africa in order to increase the efficiency of public transport, particularly on the occasion of the 2010 Soccer World Cup.


France recalls the efficiency of its parts is due to excellent public/private partnerships and is ready to share its experience.
An agreement on maritime security (SAR) was concluded in 2002. The establishment of the follow-up operational committee stipulated in this agreement, will be implemented between South African authorities and authorities of the French department of Réunion Island.

South Africa expressed its wish to have extended talks on the implementation of the new IMO standards regarding ports safety.

South Africa and France agree that it is desirable to negotiate a general framework agreement that covers all areas of present and potential further transport cooperation between the two countries.

Signed, between Minister Christine Lagarde, Minister of Foreign Trade of the Republic of France, and Minister Jeff Radebe, Minister of Transport of the Republic of South Africa, in Johannesburg on 13 November 2006.

publie le 17/11/2006

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