LA PLI I DONN takes on South Africa

A multidiscipline performance integrating contemporary circus, music, poetry and dance from Reunion Island, Madagascar and South Africa.

Following a series of successful performances in South Africa in 2015 with their first production Points de suspension, Cirquons Flex Company is back in the country with their new production, La Pli I Donn. The show will tour Southern Africa with a series of performances and workshops.

In Reunion creole, "la pli i donn" is an expression which means ’it’s pouring with rain’.

The show builds on the experience and encounters brought about during Cirquons Flex’s travels and residencies in India, Madagascar and South Africa over the past two years.

This project opens up a dialogue that is prevalent in but not unique to Reunion Island. It explores and celebrates an intercultural exchange around the diversities of the Indian Ocean region with a script enriched by the particularities of circus performance. La Pli I Donn brings together four acrobats from Reunion Island, Madagascar and South Africa – countries close geographically yet each rich in their own unique influences and characteristics.

Reunion is much more than a sunny, paradise island. It is also an island with rich diversity, washed by the heavy rains of summer in the Southern Hemisphere. It derives its richness from its nature, its popular and traditional customs and from its link to the earth, which Reunion deems vital to preserve.

La Pli I Donn incorporates various mediums, mixing circus performance, music, sound and visual recordings, multilingual texts and traditional and fusional dances. The show addresses the themes of encounters, exchanges and ecological issues, and integrates the disciplines of each of its performers : Isicathulo (gumboot dance) dance of South Africa, Fonnkèrs (texts) in Reunion creole, aerial and ground based acrobatics, and a representation of the Famadihana, a Madagascan funeral.

Cirquons Flex Company is officially recognised as "cirque endémique" of Reunion Island. It is supported by the French Indian Ocean Department of Cultural Affairs (DAC OI) and the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.
The company was established in Reunion Island in October 2007, following the meeting of two circus artists : Virginie Le Flaouter (from the National Circus School of Montreal, Canada) and Vincent Maillot (capoeirista, moring dancer and self-trained circus performer). Together they found an approach, a direction, and progressively built the foundation for an artistic world where music and the merging of various disciplines play equally important roles. Since 2011, with the creation of their third show Dobout An Bout, the company has embarked on a creative journey dedicated to finding and building an artistic language of contemporary circus performance that represents the richness and roots of represents of Reunion Island.

Performers, La Pli I Donn (2016) :

Virginie Le Flaouter (France), Vincent Maillot (France), Maheriniaina Pierre Ranaivoson of Chapitô (Madagascar) and Lizo James of Zip Zap Circus School (South Africa).

Dates and venues :

Johannesburg at the Joburg Theatre
Show on Sunday 18th September at 3 pm

Durban at the Courtyard Theatre - Durban University of Technology
Show on Thursday 15th September at 7 pm
Workshop to be confirmed for 12th or 13th September
Contact : Culture and communication department Alliance Français de Durban

Cape Town at the Zip Zap Circus
Show on Wednesday 21st September at 6.30 pm
Workshops to be confirmed for 22nd or 23rd September
Contact : Alliance Française of Cape Town

Maseru at the Machabeng College
Workshops on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th September
Contact : Alliance Française de Maseru

Photos from Cirquons Flex


Source : French Institute in South Africa

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