Launch of the new semester of F’SAGRI scientific animation for 2017. [fr]


The F’SAGRI (French South African Agricultural Institute) launched its new semester of scientific animation on February 15th at the University of Fort Hare.
More than sixty students were present as well as professors.


The presentation of the animation (conferences, workshops, field visits) that will take place, for the first half of 2017 - from March to the end of June - was preceded by a conference on the theme " Food Science – where does it fit in? " proposed by Mr. Nigel Sunley, agribusiness specialist for African companies and multinationals.


The conference organised around a definition of Food Science and the importance of food at all levels (Maslow’s hierarchy) as well as the presentation of the major challenges faced by agri-food companies, was of great interest.

The diversity of agri-food trades and the importance of research in the sector were also highlighted. The presentation raised many questions and revealed many interests to follow the animation but also the new curricula in Food science that are being developed in the Faculty of Science and Agriculture.

The 1st workshop 2017 will be held on the 1st and 2nd of March, with Maya Leclercq, Doctor in Socio-anthropology, on the theme "South African Agriculture and labels: social and economic impacts of fair trade, organic and geographical indication certifications on local products".

Registration for the entire semester will close on Tuesday, February 28th. If you are interested, please fill in this form.

Click here for more information about F’SAGRI.

publie le 14/03/2017

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