Le Malin pays a courtesy call to Durban [fr]

French ship Le Malin pays a courtesy call to Durban from 13 to 18 April 2016.

Le Malin in Durban, 13 April 2016

Senior Magistrate High Court from Kwazulu-Natal and Lieutenant-Commander Axel FERRAND


Formerly a 1.200 tons long liner built in Gdansk by a Norwegian shipyard in 1997, Le Malin was seized by the French Navy on 23 June 2004 for illegal fishery and then confiscated by the French State. Due to its perfect condition and its potential (large storage volume, suitable accommodation for crew members), Le Malin was acquired by the French Navy in November 2005.

Refitted at Toulon in 2006, Le Malin was operated as a support ship for divers and commandos and then served as an auxiliary support vessel dedicated for the State action at sea.

From September 2010 to August 2011, it was transformed in order to become a public service patroller in the shipyard of Piriou in Concarneau. Since the 25th of October 2011, it operates from La Réunion Island. It conducts maritime safeguarding, State action at sea and public service missions, in the southern zone of the Indian Ocean.

Staff and characteristics of Le Malin:

  • Commanding Officer : Lieutenant-Commander Axel FERRAND, since 19 January 2015.
  • Staff and Crew:
    Officers: 5
    Petty Officers: 15
    Ratings: 6

The Political advisor to the Mayor of eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality, Zakes Nkosi, and Lieutenant-Commander Axel FERRAND

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