Methane energy project in Durban funded by France

The project will generate electricity through a fermentation process of waste, collected from three neighbourhoods in the city of Durban. During this fermentation process, methane is released, then converted into electric power by generators and fed directly into the city’s power grid.

The project will be developed at three landfills in and around Durban (Marianhill, Bisasar Road and La Mercy) where gas recovery wells and generators are under construction.

The potential total electricity output generated by the project will be up to 10MW. It will reduce South Africa’s production of greenhouse gases.

The project will enable South Africa to earn carbon credits through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). These carbon credits will be sold through the Prototype Carbon Fund managed by the World Bank. The project is one of the first in South Africa to be eligible for carbon credit trading.

For more information on the Framework Charter for Partnership between France and South Africa, see France and South Africa sign a partnership agreement.

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publie le 28/11/2007

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