Metropolis Event – Cine-concert, full version restored [fr]

Metropolis is 1920s German science-fiction cinema meeting French contemporary electronic music. The band Actuel Remix imagined a new soundtrack for Fritz Lang’s black & white movie (1927, 2h33).

The story: in an immense megalopolis of the third millennium, the workers are a caste of slaves relegated to living in an underground city, while a privileged elite live in a paradisiac world of idleness. Freder, the son of the city leader, falls in love with Maria, a young woman from the catacombs... A gigantic and visionary fresco of the silent era, Metropolis is the culmination of the German expressionist movement and also a pinnacle of silent film.

This event is organised by the Alliance Française of Johannesburg, the IFAS, the Goethe-Institut, The Sheds, Spedidam and ARFI.

Friday 2 October 18:30 at Alliance Française of Johannesburg // Free entrance (limited seats, please book)
Thursday 8 October 18:30 at The Sheds, Fox n°1, JHB // R 50.00 (food and drinks available at 16:30)

New music for Metropolis?

The recent release of the restored full-length version of Metropolis offers ACTUEL REMIX the opportunity to confront their musical project with Fritz Lang’s film.

The universe of the film (the mechanics of triumphant modernity, automation crushing humanity...) offers exciting openings when linked to the machines used by the duo (computers, software, samplers, etc). The rich modernity and the raw power of the ’Xenakis material’ admirably serves the expressionist style of the film.

The rhythmically pulsating and pure world of Richie Hawtin is the ’motor’, the vital pulse and musical framework of this concert film. The length of the restored version (2h33) is also a fascinating playground for electronic music which can really be used to its fullest in the expanse of a longer time-frame. Without forgetting their illustrious predecessors (including Jeff Mills in 2001 and Art Zoyd in 2002) it is clear that the resolutely ’electro’ music of ACTUEL REMIX shows this cinematic masterpiece in a different light.



To create the music for "Metropolis", Actuel Remix worked with the sounds of Richie Hawtin, a key figure of the techno scene, and with the work of Iannis Xenakis, one of the musical pioneers of the 20th century. The double CD "Metropolis" was released in November 2013 on the Arfi Label.


Actuel Remix is an ’electro’ duo formed by Arfi musicians Guy Villerd and Xavier Garcia, who have been working on projects in which machines and a boiling mass of musical materials function in symbiosis. "Old, Blind & Deaf" resulted in the album "Colonisation" (Arfi Label, 2009) around the theme of the Algerian war, and more recently, "Chant Bien Fatal" (Arfi Label, 2011) presented a remix of the music of Maurice Merle.
ACTUEL REMIX brings together the music of major players from the ’electro’ scene with that of so-called ’contemporary’ composers for the pleasure of confronting two styles of modern music and to break down the reputedly watertight barriers between them. "The rules that we fixed for this game are far more than the movements of a DJ or the application of a simple concept. For us it is a real question of composition with the aim of creating a hybrid objet which is certainly unusual, yes, but above all musical and alive."

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> CD « Metropolis » (Arfi Label - AM056 - 2013
Distrib. Abeille Musique and Les Allumés du Jazz)

publie le 07/01/2016

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