Minister Fabius sends a letter of condolence to Minister Mashabane

Dear Mrs Minister,

It is with emotion that I learned of the ambush against the Joint United Nations and African Union Mission (UNAMID) in Darfur, which killed one South African peavekeeper and xounded three others on 17 October in the northern Darfur region.

UNAMID peacekeeping forces provide support on a daily basis to the population of Darfur and give hope and security to displaced families from Darfur who are strongly affected by the war they have been enduring since 2003. Your peacekeepers have participated with honour in this peace effort, to the point of sacrificing their lives. In these painful circulstances, I want to convey to you my heartfelt solidarity and condolences.

I also wish to salute the engagement of South Africa in this mission, as South African peacekeepers are a key element of UNAMID’s action and effectiveness.

Yours sincerely,

Laurent Fabius.

publie le 22/07/2014

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