Molo Lolo Restaurant & Cooking School - Addo

Molo Lolo restaurant and cooking school is an establishment located in Addo, South Africa. We work only with local suppliers and our organic garden brings us some fresh fruits and vegetables. We are trying to mix French cuisine with South African products. We hire some South African students to teach them how to become professionals in F&B industry. In addition to our social impact, we are trying to reduce our carbon print as much as possible and we recycle any type of waste.
Our restaurant is designed with modern taste such as our cuisine.

The Chef : Antoine Douay

My name is Antoine Douay, I am 31 and I am from Bourg En Bresse. I have 15 years of cooking experience and worked in Michelin star restaurants, cruiser ships and private yachts.
I am now in South Africa in order to improve my cuisine, teach my knowledge to students and work in a different environment.


Molo Lolo Restaurant & Cooking School

Caesar Avenue


Snail crispy candies, parsley juice, garlic cream

Roasted duck chest, atchar from the garden, butternut muslin, kumquat reduction

Blue cheese tart with dry fruits, mixed garden salad leaves

Chocolate Raspberries delight

Pinotage Deetlefs 2014
Boplass Port for cheese or dessert

R395, wine not included.

publie le 15/02/2019

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