Mr. Fabrice Larat from ENA attends the 19th Public Sector Trainers’ Forum Conference

From 16 to 18 October 2017, Mr. Fabrice Larat, vice-president in charge of research and training at the French School of Administration (ENA) visited Pretoria, by invitation of the National School of Government (NSG), to participate in the 19th Public Sector Trainers’ Forum Conference.

"How can we expect to convince our students that thaining and lifelong learning is important if we, schools of governments, are not able to learn ourselves?"

Speaking before approximately 500 South African and international representatives (researchers and students specialized in HR planning, managers of companies, service public agents), Mr. Fabrice Larat highlighted the strengths of the French system of training for public service representatives. He emphasised public service recruitment procedures, the quality and importance of ongoing training delivered by public schools of administration, as well as the spirit of innovation that should lead the transformation and modernisation of public action.

In September 2016, ENA and NSG signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at fostering cooperation in various areas such as academic mobility, exchanges of information including pedagogical tools and the development of joint research projects.

publie le 19/10/2017

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