Music cooperation in South Africa

The Embassy of France in South Africa gives its support to the development of creative industries in South Africa. The main objective is to develop links between the South African musical industry and the French market.

MaMA, the French gathering for music professionals :

  • In 2014, a South African artist, Nakhane Touré, was invited to attend MaMA 2014, in Paris, accompanied with his agent. He was selected by the show’s programmer François Vasseur, who was invited to South Africa by the Embassy of France and IFAS in March 2014. During his stay, he participated in the Music Exchange Conference in Cape Town.
    MaMA2014 also hosted 3 South African music professionals including Duncan Ringrose, Cape Town Electronic Music Festival’s organizer. The Embassy of France will support the performance of a French artist in the CTEFF 2015.


  • In 2013, in the framework of the South African season in France, an important delegation of South African artists and professionals attended the MaMA.

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