Patrick Modiano, Nobel Prize for litterature [fr]

On 9 october 2014, the Nobel Prize for litterature was awarded to Patrick Modiano, a French author who has written 28 novels and received several prestigious awards such as the Novel Grand Prize (awarded by the French Academy) and the Goncourt Prize.
He becomes the 15th French author to receive the Nobel Prize, 6 years after another French writer,J-M.G Le Clézio, received it.

Born in 1945, Modiano was 23 years old when he met with success as a writer with his first novel La Place de l’Etoile, well-received by Parisian critics. As in his following novels (only 7 of which are translated into English), he often refers to the Occupation period and to Paris in the post-war years, using personal elements from his childhood with absent parents and his loneliness as a teenager. His work, which translates the absence of the father figure, is marked by the recurrence of characters looking for their identity, powerless in a world they try to understand. As Modiano never stops exploring these themes, the Swedish Academy defined him as "the Marcel Proust of our time", recognizing his "art of memory".

A novelist, Modiano is also a scenarist, having worked on the adaptation of some of his novels to cinema. A lesser-known aspect of his work, he also wrote songs as a young man, set to music by Hughes de Courson and interpreted by famous French singers Françoise Hardy and Régine.

Main books:

  • La Place de l’Etoile (1968) - Roger-Nimier Prize and Fénéon Prize
  • La ronde de nuit (1969 ; trad. Night rounds)
  • Les boulevards de ceinture (1972 ; trad. Ring roads) – Novel Grand Prize awarded by the French Academy
  • Villa triste (1975) – Bookstores Prize
  • Rue des Boutiques obscures (1978 ; trad. Missing person) – Goncourt Prize
  • Quartier perdu (1985 ; trad. A trace of malice)
  • Remise de peine (1988)
  • Voyage de noce (1990 ; trad. Honeymoon)
  • Du plus loin de l’oubli (1996 ; trad. Out of the park)
  • Dora Bruder (1997 ; trad. The search warrant)
  • La Petite Bijou (2001)
  • Un pedigree (2005)
  • Pour que tu ne te perdes pas dans le quartier (2014)

publie le 28/10/2014

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