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The police and security department in the Embassy of France in South Africa has a regional competency including Lesotho. Thus, police cooperation was set up in 2006 on simple themes, with the purpose to reinforce the democracy in the country. The funding, though modest, stretches very far and has a great impact.

In terms of technical cooperation, two actions were led in 2012, in the field of judicial police and in the frame of a regional project of training for the civil management of crisis by the police forces during peacekeeping operations.

The last annual training session in public order maintenance was organized in December 2013. Since its set-up in 2006, around 150 Basotho civil officers were trained in best practices regarding crowd control, with the result of a reduced use of disproportionate force. A second course designed for the command during order control operations will complete this intervention.

The support to judicial police capacities, which contributes to a better investigation management, is also renewed every year with the creation of a new training in the field of basic investigation skills, very useful to improve the rate of resolved criminal investigations led by judicial police units.

Lastly, at the Basotho authorities’ request, a training session in judicial investigations regarding information and communication technology should take place in 2014, in order to develop the fight against cybercrime (mainly fraud in payment).
(Source: DCI Memo – December 2013)

To know more, contact the police and security department at the Embassy of France in South Africa:
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publie le 03/02/2014

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