Police cooperation agreement between France and South Africa

On 9 March 2009 a cooperation agreement between France and South Africa was signed to support the enhancement of the South African Police Service’s capabilities against transnational organised crime and terrorism. This three-year cooperation agreement will encompass a financial commitment of €1.26 million (more than R15 million) to the South African Police Service.

Some of the main elements of this French-South African police cooperation project are dedicated to maritime policing (sea border policing and coastal monitoring) and border control, specialized interventions, experience sharing between detective and crime intelligence services (including at regional level), and police forensic capabilities.

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Denis Pietton, French Ambassador, with the South African Minister for Safety and Security, Nathi Mthethwa, at the signing ceremony
Photographer: Carolize Jansen

The objectives of this ambitious cooperation project, named the Enhlangano project, are:

- the reinforcement of the SAPS’ capacity to respond to terrorist threats and to address international criminal networks

- the reinforcement of South African borders

- the enhancement of specialised detective and investigative departments

- the continued development of forensic sciences.

This agreement forms part of French-South African police cooperation formalised in 1998, with a view to support public safety and train South African police officers. France is honoured to share its expertise with the South African Police Service, in order to, amongst other things, support its preparation for the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup, and thereafter.

Read the speech delivered by the French Ambassador at the signing ceremony.

See also French-South African co-operation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

publie le 28/07/2009

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