Port call of the French offshore patrol vessel Albatros in Cape Town

French navy offshore patrol vessel Albatros docked in Cape Town from June 3 to June 9 2015 under the command of Commander Riaz Akhoune.

Albatros is a patrol vessel which was formerly a fishing boat from the “NEVE” fishing company, owned by the Normandie-pêches firm. The ship was built in 1967 in the Trait shipyard of La Ciotat and later bought by the French Navy in April 1983. The boat was transformed in Toulon, where fishing facilities, were removed and replaced with units, artillery and electronic equipment.

The ship’s characteristics:

  • Length: 85m
  • Breadth: 13.5m.
  • Displacement: 2800 tons
  • Armoury: one 40mm gun and two 12.7mm machine guns.
  • Freight: transport and passengers.
  • Propulsion: diesel engine which gives the ship huge flexibility.
  • Crew: 7 officers, 34 non-commission officers and 9 seamen.

The French patrol vessel fulfills a specified range of operational needs, patrolling and controlling over the Exclusive Economic Zones near the French southern lands and helping French fishing flotillas of the same area.

It is also a part of the more general missions of the French Army in the Indian Ocean (FAZSOI), which operates in their permanent responsibility area.

A press conference was hosted by First Counsellor of the French Embassy in South Africa, Charlotte Montel, Consul of France in Cape Town, Xavier d’Argoeuves, Defense Attaché of the Embassy of France, Colonel Olivier de Charnace, and Commander Akhoune on June 4 2015.

publie le 09/06/2015

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