Presentation of the French Republic’s Human Rights Prize [fr]

On 12 December 2013, Thierry Repentin, Minister Delegate for European Affairs, presented in Paris the French Republic’s Human Rights Prize for 2013. This prize, awarded by the National Consultative Commission on Human Rights, is designed to pay tribute to the actions and projects on the ground aimed at promoting and protecting human rights. It involves our entire diplomatic network, which gathers nominations and identifies candidates from all over the world.

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Five associations have been distinguished this year:

- Indigenous Social Justice (Australia): support for families of Aboriginal detainees who have died in prison;

- Grandir dignement (Madagascar): treatment of juvenile detainees in the region of Diego;

- Civic Assistance Committee (Russia): protection of women persecuted in Chechnya and Dagestan;

- Sabah (Sudan): protection of the rights of children in detention in Khartoum;

- Chadian Association for Non-violence (Chad): support for displaced populations in Dobeme (Logone Oriental).

France commends the action of these associations and pays tribute to the exemplary commitment of their members in support of human rights.

publie le 17/12/2013

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