Public Lectures on Solar Energy and Photosynthesis at Scienza, University of Pretoria : 2 – 4 October 2018


A series of Public Lectures on Solar Energy and Photosynthesis are organised at University of Pretoria in cooperation with the french Institute of Biology Technologies, CEA-Saclay from the 2nd to the 4th of October 2018.

The program is as follows :

2 Oct. 2018: The origin of irreversibility and the arrow of time – conflicting models for the description of nature
Prof. Emil Roduner, Department of Chemistry, University of Stuttgart and University of Pretoria

3 Oct. 2018: Artificial Photosynthesis: Energy of the Future
Prof. Bruno Robert, Institute of Biology Technologies, CEA-Saclay, France

4 Oct. 2018: Homogeneous CO2 reduction: fundamental understandings and complex transformations
Dr Sébastien Bontemps, Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry, CNRS, and University of Toulouse, France

For more information click on the following document :

PDF - 138.7 kb
(PDF - 138.7 kb)

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