Radisson Blue - Vivace restaurant

The Vivace restaurant will serve Good France dinner from 19 till 25 March 2018

The Chef

Vonique van Zyl

The Menu

4 course dinner menu

What is your link with French cuisine ?

There is no direct link between our restaurant, Vivace and French cuisine as we do more contemporary food with a slight South African flair.
Good France has brought together Chefs from all backgrounds, for Chef Vonique It takes her back to the world of Escoffier and gastronomy, the marriage between grape & food and she has prepared a wonderful French inspired menu for you to enjoy.

Why did you choose to participate in Good France ?

It was a great honor to be invited to participate in Good France
This is such an exciting event with delicious food and wine, we are truly humbled to be part of this event.

Address : Crn of Rivonia and Daisy road, Sandton
Contact person : Sandra Mafumo
Email : Sandra.mafumo@radissonblu.com

Tel no : 011 245 8000

publie le 14/03/2018

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