Renault Trucks in South Africa [fr]

On 23 October 2014, Renault Trucks South Africa organized an official dinner to present its new range of trucks, in presence of Ambassador Barbier.

Established in 1894, Renault Trucks has been part of the Volvo Group since 2008. It develops, builds and assemblies a large range of trucks (from 2.8 to 120 tons) for delivery, distribution, building, long-distances and even specific or defense applications. All the trucks are produced in France.

Operating in a competitive environment, Renault Trucks Southern Africa (RTSA) is hoping to grow its share in the local truck marcket in the following years, through the sales of the new C and K ranges. The K range will typically find use in quarries and other mining applications, as well as in the heavy construction and off-road freight markets, while the C range is aimed at lighter construction and road-haul applications. The conception of these new trucks heavily focused on increased robustness and fuel efficiency. Moreover, the new introductions have a unique appeal as the driveline and cabs can be mixed and matched as the customer requires.

RTSA has 17 dealers in South Africa, and there are also dealerships in Namibia, Botswana, Uganda, Mozambique and Mauritius. Assembly of the trucks is set to start at the Volvo Group’s Durban plant in February, with imports to fill demand until then.

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publie le 07/11/2014

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