Results of a 15 year old partnership

The Franco-South African Partnership Framework is focused on addressing some of the most pressing South African development needs: giving previously disadvantaged communities access to essential services, supporting shared and sustainable economic growth and promoting environmentally sound development. To reach these ambitious objectives, France has committed over 1.8 billion Euros (in the form of grants and soft loans) to South Africa for the 2006-2010 period.

Providing access to essential services

55% of AFD’s commitments since 1994 have been dedicated to the improvement of municipalities’ infrastructures for a better provision of access to basic services.

Thanks to AFD supported projects :

2 million people now have access to drinking water

100 000 water connections were upgraded in Soweto

1,5 million people are now connected to the electricity grid

400 000 persons accessed primary healthcare infrastructures.

12 000 new affordable houses were financed.

Supporting shared economic growth.

21% of AFD’s commitments have been dedicated to the support of the productive sector.

130 BEE Small and Medium Enterprises and 115medium Entreprises were created thanks to AFD’s financing, which granted 1.4 million people access to banking services .and facilitated the creation of 18 000 jobs.

500 000 workers enrolled in professional training.

In 2010, thanks to AFD and National Empowerment Fund partnership on the JIPSA Junior Manager Development Programme, 34 South African young professionals benefited from a 4-week internship with a French company.

Encouraging environmentally sound development

24% of AFD’s commitments have financed eco-friendly development.

400 000 hectares in what are considered 2 of the 32 most important biodiversity spots on Earth were protected by AFD’s partners (Table Mountain and Addo Elephant National Parks).

400 000 tons of CO2 per year are not emitted thanks to Durban’s landfill gas-to-electricity generating plant.

Improving Education

595 researchers were offered bursaries to study either in a South African or French University in Human Sciences or Science and Technology leading to more than 1 180 scientific co-publications from 2004-2008

In 2010, 173 students registered for Master or PhD degrees at Franco-South African Institute of Technology.

Fighting crime and corruption

More than 3 000 South African police officers and other government officials have been trained by French experts, and many more have been exposed to French techniques through train-the-trainer programmes and regional conferences.

Promoting cultural and linguistic diversity

300 cultural events were supported by the French Institute of South Africa (IFAS) and its partners, attracting more than 1.2 million members of the public.

33 000 students learnt French across 300 centres, of which 15 are university departments

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publie le 27/06/2011

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