Richards Bay has welcomed the French Navy’s ship La Grandiere [fr]

The French Amphibious Supply Ship “La Grandière”, under the command of Lieutenant Commander Nicolas Napal, has berthed at Richards Bay between February 14 and February 18.

Put on the dock the 27th of August 1984, became active the 21st of January 1987, last unit of five similar ships, the “La Grandière” is a landing ship with original amphibious capabilities.

Able to deploy an Army unit for operations abroad, carrying and disembarking quickly troops and vehicles by beaching, the landing ship “La Grandière” is the amphibious asset for the French Armed Forces of South Indian Ocean (FAZSOI).
Based in Port-des-Galets in La Réunion, the “La Grandière” operates in the Indian Ocean providing missions such as sovereignty, supply of Eparses Islands (Mozambic channel), deployment of troops and contribution to the French diplomacy by representation and cooperation.

The FASZOI troops will come again in Richards Bay later this year for the joint-maritime exercise OXYDE, between South Africa and France, from September 14 to October 2, 2015.

Once again, Exercise OXYDE will be aimed to enhance cooperation and interoperability between the FASZOI troops and the SANDF. Two previous iterations of Exercise were held in Mozambique: in Pemba in September 2011 and in Maputo in 2013.


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publie le 23/02/2015

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