Rugby World Cup trophy on brief visit to South Africa

The Webb Ellis Cup, official trophy of the Rugby World Cup, was brought to South Africa in advance of the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France by the French Embassy. On 16 May the trophy was displayed at a press conference at the French Ambassador’s Residence, attended by Mike Stofile, Deputy President of the South African Rugby Union, Mpumelelo Tshume, Chairman of the Board of SARU, Koos Basson, vice-president of SARU, Zola Yeye, Springbok team manager and Mervin Green, manager of youth rugby at SARU. Members of the national team that won the 1995 World Cup also attended the function.

The arrival of the Webb Ellis Cup is the result of efforts by Jeune Planète Rugby, an international youth rugby development organisation, that has chosen two boys from South Africa - Lee Wright Mwenda from Soweto and Shane Gilbert from Johannesburg - to go to France during the World Cup. This exchange forms part of ‘Rendez-vous 2007’ (‘Meeting 2007’) to enable young rugby players from across the world to meet. In France they will form a world team that will play against French school teams and attend World Cup matches.

On Thursday 17 May the trophy went to the Lycée Jules Verne, the French school in Johannesburg, where rugby teams from other schools in Johannesburg came to have a look at the prestigious trophy.

Read the French Ambassador to South Africa, Mr Denis Pietton’s press interviews on the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France.

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Mpumelelo Tshume of SARU and Denis Pietton, French Ambassador, unveil the Webb Ellis Cup in South Africa
Photo: Gerhard Uys
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Koos Basson, Mpumelelo Tshume, Shane Gilbert, Denis Pietton, Lee Wright Mwenda, Philippe Platiau and Zola Yeye with the Webb Ellis Cup
Photo: Irchad Razaaly
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Mervin Green (SARU), Philippe Platiau (French school), Tahir Salie (special advisor to Ebrahim Rasool, Western Cape Premier), Denis Pietton and Jean-Luc Bodin (French consul in Cape Town).
Photo: Irchad Razaaly
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Christiaan Scholtz and Marius Hurter from the 1995 team that won the Rugby World Cup, with (l to r) Mpumelelo Tshume (SARU), Mike Stofile (SARU), Zola Yeye (SARU) and Denis Pietton, French Ambasador.
Photo: Gerhard Uys
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Shane Gilbert and Lee Wright Mwenda, chosen to represent South Africa in the world school rugby team in France in September, with their mothers
Photo: Irchad Razaaly

The website of the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France:

The website of Jeune Planète Rugby:

The website of the French school in Johannesburg, Lycée Jules Verne (in French):

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