SARPCCO conference on fighting cybercrime [fr]

The international conference SARPCCO (Southern African Regional Police Chief Council Organisation), organised by the South African Police Service, started on 17 November 2015. This event is supported by the Embassy of France in South Africa and French company Thalès.


Ambassador of France to South Africa, HE Elisabeth Barbier, delivered a speech during the opening of the conference.

Download the Ambassador’s speech here (PDF):

PDF - 144.4 kb
(PDF - 144.4 kb)

About 200 people are attending the conference, most of them from countries part of SARPCCO and representatives of the following South African agencies:

- Ministry of Justice
- Ministry of Home Affairs
- Central Bank
- All the police departments,
- Universities (University of Pretoria, University of Johannesburg and the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)
- CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research)
- SARS (South African Customs Administration)
- ISPA (Internet Service Providers’ Association)

The conference is a major regional police event which heralds a spectrum of a broader collaboration in Southern Africa about a transnational thematic, which keeps growing as the access to Internet is constantly expanding.

The French participation in this conference shows our trust in the efficiency of our policy model to fight cybercrime and the importance of the regionalization of police cooperation.

publie le 28/06/2017

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