Skoonheid at the Saftas

On Saturday the 10th of March the 6th annual South African Film and Television Awards were hosted at the Gallagher Convention centre in Midrand. Skoonheid, the first film produced under the Franco-South African co-production agreement, was nominated in 6 categories : best production designer, best music composition, best supporting actress, best actor, best director and best feature film.

Didier Costet, French producer (3rd from the left), Deon Lotz (main actor, awarded best actor, 4th from the left) and Oliver Hermanus (6th from the left, awarded best director), at the SAFTAs ceremony on the 10th of March

On the night, Skoonheid won 2 awards : Olivier Hermanus was awarded best Director and Deon Lotz won best actor. Hermanus, who has previously curated the Festival du Film Française in South Africa, certainly has a long and successful career in front of him and no doubt many more such awards will follow. Written and directed by Olivier Hermanus, Skoonheid has won critical acclaim since being featured at the Cannes Film Festival last year. Indeed, when it featured at Cannes it was only the 5 South African film and the first Afrikaans language film to do so.

The film tells the story of Francois van Heerden, a middle aged Afrikaans family man from Bloemfontein who faces a personal dilemma. Hermanus wrote the screenplay for Skoonheid while attending the Cannes Film Festival’s Cinefondation in Paris from October 2009 to February 2010.

publie le 22/07/2014

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