South Africa hands over sound recordings of the Rivonia Trial to the French National Audiovisual Institute [fr]

South African authorities presented on October 15 to the French National Audiovisual Institute the first sound recordings of the Rivonia trial.


The famous trial ended in 1964 with a verdict of life imprisonment against Nelson Mandela and the main leaders of the African National Congress. The famous speech from the dock by Nelson Mandela was a turning point in the mobilization of the international community against racial oppression in South Africa.

Threatened with obsolescence, these recordings will experience new life through the work of restoration and digitization to be conducted by the National Audiovisual Institute, whose expertise is recognized worldwide. In 2016, this precious part of the country’s history will be returned to South Africa and will be available to historians, researchers, journalists and citizens around the world.


This event confirms the dynamism of cooperation between our two countries. It reflects our common desire to keep alive the memory of the struggle against apartheid and develop a unique piece, recorded in the Register of the Memory of the World by UNESCO.

publie le 07/01/2016

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