South African English teaching assistants going to France [fr]

Every year, around 15 South African students go to France to work as English teaching assistants in French secondary schools for 7 months, sponsored by the Embassy of France and the French ministry of national education.


The 16 students participating in the 2014/2015 programme attended the information day and lunch organised by Damien Guyard (French language attaché) and Jérôme Cosnard (project manager for the teaching and learning of French), along with two former assistants.

The meeting was a good opportunity to explain to the future assistants the key issues in the development of the French language in South Africa, and to prepare them to their future role as ambassadors of South Africa in France.

They were also introduced to the opportunities available to them once they are back in South Africa (local or French bursaries).

publie le 29/09/2014

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